4 Things to Do Before You Buy Your House in Raleigh-Durham



North Carolina is one of the most popular places in the country to live, with Raleigh recently ranking in at number two on Zillow’s “Hottest Housing Markets for 2018” 列表. Buying a home in the Raleigh-Durham is area is an exciting undertaking and a wise investment, but the process can also feel overwhelming and stressful for those who don’t have any prior experience in purchasing a property. Below are a few things that every home buyer should do before buying a house in Raleigh and Durham, NC.

1. 考虑到市场

It’s no secret that Raleigh-Durham is a desirable place to live, but it’s still wise to do your research. Make sure the area is conducive to your particular educational background and career field because living in a beautiful area like Raleigh won’t do you any good without a nearby job to help pay the bills. 研究当地的学校 if you have or are planning to raise a family, and look into the surrounding community, 文化, and lifestyle to make sure it’s a good fit. Raleigh-Durham and the neighboring suburbs are known as a fun, family-friendly place to live with plenty of things to keep you busy and entertained, so the fact that you’re considering the area is already a great start.

2. Thoroughly Research Your Real Estate Agent

如果你想买房的话, you’ve probably been doing a lot of browsing online, 查看各种清单, 请求更多的信息, 参加开放日. That means that multiple real estate agents have your contact information and will be vying for your business. 不要随便挑你看到的第一个! Choosing your real estate agent is an incredibly important step. A knowledgeable agent goes a long way toward helping you find the house that’s right for you, getting you the best possible deal by using their experience to negotiate, recommending the various other experts you’ll need throughout the process like a mortgage representative, 验房师, 罗利电工,更多的. These days, it seems like everyone likes to dabble in real estate, but not everyone is a real expert. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and “interview” a few agents before making your choice.

3. 确定你的预算

一旦你有了一个代理, they can likely refer you to a reliable and experienced mortgage broker, who will review your financial information and help you determine how much house you can afford. 然而, just because you’re pre-approved to spend a certain amount on a home doesn’t mean you should pay that much, 或者你有能力这么做. Factor in all of your other expenses to come up with a rea列表ic monthly number than you can comfortably put toward your mortgage. It’s important not to spend beyond your means, or you’ll end up living paycheck to paycheck with little to no money left to tuck away in savings, or to use for entertainment or emergencies.

4. 做一个全面的家庭检查

Getting a home inspection is strongly encouraged (or required) when obtaining a conventional mortgage, but not all inspections or inspectors are created equal. Some 验房师s just give a house a superficial once-over, looking at obvious things like the foundation and roof and looking for evident problems like leaks and mold. Read reviews to find a 验房师 who will do a thorough check that also includes the home’s plumbing and electrical systems. Having a 罗利电工 check the electrical panel, 断路器, and receptacles and outlets is extremely important. 在许多情况下, outlets are wired incorrectly or don’t have the proper ground fault circuit interrupters, which not only falls short of Raleigh and Durham home codes but can also be dangerous. Looking for these types of electrical problems is not something you or your real estate agent can DIY. That’s why bringing in an experienced 验房师 or electrician is a good idea to make sure you have all of your T’s crossed and I’s dotted before making an official offer on the home.

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