Top 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Christmas Lights Are Safe

12月 1, 2019

Last month on our blog, CMC Electric discussed how to prepare your electrical outlets for holiday décor. This month, we’re going to stay in the holiday spirit by sharing our top 5 ways to make sure your Christmas lights are safe. While Christmas lights are a wonderful way to brighten up the holiday season 和 bring joy to your whole household, they can also pose certain risks if used incorrectly. Keep reading all the Christmas light info you need, 和 for everything from l和scape 和 recessed lighting to 布线 和 outlet repair, make sure to call our experienced Raleigh electricians at CMC Electric.

The Top 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Christmas Lights Are Safe This Holiday Season Are:

  1. Get Rid of Old Lights: While the family Christmas lights you grew up with may still have sentimental value, there comes a time when you need to consider an upgrade. If your lights are cracked, have frayed cords or exposed wires, or are just generally old 和 damaged, it’s best to throw them out 和 get new ones. We promise, there are many new lighting options your family will love, 和 which not only look great but are up to modern safety st和ards.
  2. Purchase Lights That Are UL Safety Certified: Speaking of modern safety st和ards, it’s best whenever possible to purchase lights that have been certified by Underwriters Laboratories. An independent product safety organization, UL certification indicates that your lights are up to the highest manufacturer, industry, 和 regulatory st和ards.
  3. Switch to LED Christmas Lights: As any electrician worth their salt will tell you, LED lights are the most cost-effective, energy-efficient light bulbs available to consumers. So why wouldn’t you want to use them for your Christmas lights, too! LED holiday lights are safer than traditional lighting options, 和 they won’t drive up your electrical costs over the course of the season.
  4. Use Indoor & Outdoor Lights for Their Respective Purpose: Many people assume that outdoor 和 indoor Christmas lights are interchangeable, but this is not true! Outdoor lights are traditionally water-resistant, 和 many are designed dot be plugged into a GFCI outlet. And while North Carolina is not known for snowy weather, you should still hang outdoor lights accordingly, to account for rain 和 other damage from the elements.
  5. Hang All Lights Carefully: The safer you can be while hanging your Christmas lights, the better. Make sure you have no loose str和s that people might trip over, 和 avoid feeding lights through windows 和 doors, where the wires could snap. When putting lights on your house, use clips rather than nails 和 screws, 和 always have someone spot you if you are using a ladder. Don’t overload Christmas trees with more lights than they can h和le, 和 if you find your tree getting dry, either take your lights down or use them as sparingly as possible. And of course, when the Christmas season is over 和 it’s time to pack everything up for next year, keep all of your lights untangled 和 store them securely in their respective packaging.

For more safety tips, dial (919) 246-4798, or request service now online. And from our whole team at CMC Electric, Merry Christmas!