Outdoor Lighting Part Two: Wall Lighting



Back in June, we published 一篇博客文章 on the difference between uplighting and downlighting, the benefits each may bring to your home’s exteriors. 这个月, we thought we would look at outdoor wall lighting, in part two of what we’re calling our informal blog series on outdoor lighting options. Keep reading for more information on the popular outdoor wall lighting choices every homeowner should know about, courtesy of our expert electricians at CMC电.

Your Best Choices for Outdoor Wall Lighting

Upgrading your outdoor wall lighting can help give your home more curb appeal also adding practical and aesthetic value to your property. 除了 light fixtures that can be 《亚虎官网app》杂志 to your larger electrical system, homeowners are also now able to choose from battery-powered options, in case you do not want to drill into your walls. Another cost-efficient, not to mention environmentally responsible option when it comes to outdoor wall lighting is solar fixtures, which use light sensors to turn off and on with the rise and fall of the sun. 然而, out of the hundreds of styles and colors you can choose from when installing outdoor wall lights, there are a few that remain the most popular.

The top choices for most homeowners when installing outdoor wall lighting are:

  • 冲洗烛台: A “sconce” is any light fixture that is attached to a wall. They are a strong choice when it comes to illuminating your exterior property and a reliably stylish option for many types of houses. Flush sconces are installed on walls horizontally or vertically (rather than overhead,) so when you turn them on, they give your outdoor area a distinct look, striking contrast between your home and the rest of your property.
  • 火炬灯: A style of sconce that has only become more common in recent years, torch light fixtures are a great way to make a statement while still shining beautiful light across your yard. They are installed on your wall to resemble the type of flame torches you might find in the time before electricity, which means that people trying to give their home a more eccentric look love them. You can pair torch fixtures with flickering bulbs to make them appear even more like classic torches, even line them up to help the exterior of your home look like a castle, if you really want to make a bold statement.
  • 侧灯: If something like torch sconces seems a bit over-the-top to you, you may want to consider going with a more classic option for your outdoor walls, such as pendant lights. Pendant lights hang overhead, so they are a good choice if, 例如, you have a porch you like to go out on at night. The only downside to this option is that it is important to look overhead when you have pendant lights, make sure they are not installed in a spot where you are likely to bump your head on them. The same could also be said of…
  • 挂灯笼: Hanging lanterns are a great way to merge the attractive nature of pendant lights with the flair you get from torch fixtures. They come in a range of designs and finishes, look great with almost any type of architecture.

Call CMC电 for Your Outdoor Wall Lighting Needs

Whether you are planning on lighting your deck, illuminating your pool, or creating a walkway in front of your house, feel free to call CMC电 for the stylish outdoor wall lights you need. 除了 景观埋地motion/security lighting,我们的 electrical construction pros offer a number of outdoor lighting options. Whether you are doing a full 改造 of your exterior property or just looking to add some accent pieces for style and safety, CMC电 always has you covered. Call now to learn more about our lighting options, remember to check back in with 这个博客 for our next installment on outdoor lighting.

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